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Having a party? Choose to have it at Chalk Studios and give a little back using Twopresents. Here’s how it works – send your invitation through the Twopresents’ website and let your guests know that instead of bringing gifts they have the option to contribute towards your gift/charity fund. One portion of the collected amount gets donated to a charity of your choice and the other goes to you to buy a BIG present!  Save time, reduce waste, get the perfect gift and do good! 

To experience the magic of a Twopresents party visit today!

           Drawstring Bag 

Chalk Exclusive Drawstring Bags is lightweight and easy to carry. It is great for school events, sports events, hiking, and much more.  They are washable, colorful, recyclable, reusable and durable. $40/ per, MOQ: 20 pieces

Imprinted Glow Foam Stick 

FUN, SAFE, AFFORDABLE party add-on / giveaway gift to the children!

  • Available in red, orange, green, blue, pink, white, or multi-color.

  • Customized text for unique party

  • $20 per one only, MOQ: 20 pieces

T-shirt Printing Service 

Looking for a cute T-shirt that perfectly suits your children's birthday party? Work with us to get the most fancy and affordable designs with their favorite  cartoon  or  wording.  $50/  per  up  only.  

           Rainbow Slinky 

HAND-HELD ENDLESS FUN! Suitable for children and adults. 

  • Recommended for children 5 years of age and up

  • No battery needed 

  • Ideal for Prizes, giveaway gift

  • $20 per one only, MOQ: 20 pieces

Contact us for order

+852 51175092

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