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SKETCH STUDIOS - Private Glowing Art Party for Kids & Adults in Hong Kong


We hold Blacklight/UV art sessions for ALL age! (kids & teenagers & adults) interested in having artistic fun under blacklight. Our parties contain a mixture of painting, music, drawing, using chalk on walls, creative accessorizing with neon items (mask, headbands, bracelets, face paint, body paint, headbands, hats, hair wigs, and other items) and overall hanging out, welcome to anyone who is kind, fun, youthful, outgoing and creative individuals to join our party sessions.  Our studio is the best party place for blacklight photography so is you enjoy photography and taking pictures, please bring your friends, yours cameras and your phones to record the fun.


Our art party sessions encourage kids to think outside the box and to be edgy and funny; therefore, anything amusing, ridiculous, funny, and/or crazy is well encouraged. If you have a crazy drawing in mind….draw it! If you have a ridiculous accessory you want to wear…wear it! We have a saying that “in order to remain sane, sometimes you need to go a bit crazy”, we aim to find and bring out that crazy side locked inside of everyone.


Sketch Studios delights children of all ages (and the parents too!), we allow (and often encourage) everyone over the age of 18 to bring their own alcohol to an art party session for no extra charge and no corkage fee.  Just come and have a good time as the “fun” will come naturally.


Please remember to book an art party session for your children prior to coming in order that we can assure you of availability.


also…please don’t wear your nicest clothes as our art sessions can sometimes get a little bit messy :-) Instead we encourage you to wear white and bright neon colors to an art party session. We look forward to having fun with you sometime soon. 

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