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The Ultimate Guide for throwing an awesome Glow in the Dark Party for your kids

Either you are hosting a birthday party for your kids, parents group gathering or corporate family fun day, Sketch studios is providing a one-stop service in order to help you organise the most groovy party ever! Sketch Studios is a party place themed with Neon Art Jamming. Not only providing the venue, but also having almost everything prepared for you!

Holding a birthday party for children, we require a few elements to make it perfect.

1. Venue

This is the most important thing. Sketch Studios is the first Neon party venue in Hong Kong. Don’t worry if it’s too wild for your kiddos, Sketch has pretty much experiences on holding parties, especially for kids, even a 3 years old one!

2. What to do?

Children need to be guided, especially the young kids, having an awesome venue is essential, but having fun at the venue is also a must. Sketch Studios’ parties related to ART, MUSIC and FUN. During the party, Sketch will have an art tutor staying, in order to help the kids do neon henna and face painting. Also, it provides guidance for the children when they are having the art jamming session. Sketch wants kids to have fun with art, therefore the kids will have unlimited neon paints to splash each other, such that children will have the funniest “paint fight” with their mates.

(The paint is non-toxic and water based.)

3. Small details

By this term, we mean food, birthday cake, drinks, goodie bags or even extra decorations here. Sketch welcomes parents to bring your own alcohol and enjoy at our rooftop. Sketch has various choices for you to make order including all the items just above mentioned! So you can take less steps to organise a perfect party!

Reach Sketch Studios, and get less steps to throw the BEST party! +852 51175092

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